Wake up Europe!

Brussels: The European Committee of the Regions and the Council of Europe's  Congress celebrate their 25th anniversary in Brussels, on 27 June - News  2019

Wake up Europe, it’s getting late to save Europe!

Who is more of a threat to Europe’s future, the so-called “drifters” or the followers of political correctness? Who is right, those who want more Europe or those who want less Europe?

I never thought that such a question would ever arise.

For a long time, there was only one Europe, with member states pulling in the same direction, building a common future. Now there are two Europes, and one is in irreconcilable conflict with the other. One could argue that the Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovenian phenomenon is just a ‘slip-up’,  but unfortunately, the reality is that this phenomenon has inevitably come about precisely because of the EU’s extreme liberal policies.

For a long time, the member states have been reconciling their interests, and, if not everything, they have been able to agree on the smallest common multiple. Then, the imposition of more Europe gave birth to a powerful infrastructure that now sees itself as supranational, and this power infrastructure increasingly sets the political course rather than the nation-states, while trying to punish and bring back under the common yoke those member states that do not want to obey to it.

The latest chapter in this effort is the issue of the rule of law, which was also on the agenda of the European Parliament yesterday. During the debate, a large majority of speakers called on the European Commission and the European Council of ministers from the Member States to take decisive action to prevent the violation of EU values in the individual Member States.

This immediately raises the question of who defines what are so-called ‘EU values’?

Perhaps not the member states that make up the EU itself? The European Parliament’s report makes several references to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. However, it does not say that the rights of minorities supersede the rights of the majority, as is currently the case. Rainbow above all, suppressing the rights of families. Have you not noticed that the European Union has not uttered the word ‘family’ for decades? There are no single or multiple children families, there are only minorities and races. That is why we are seeing less and less Europe instead of more and more Europe. Families without children have already overwhelmed Europe, and now the immigrants are beginning to carry it on their backs.

A ‘mixed’ Europe is a favour to those who want to dismantle nation-states in the name of globalization. But if nation-states disappear, so does Europe.