The EU suddenly does not care that Modi is committing genocide against religious minorities

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in New Delhi, India on April 25, 2022.

“Unprecedented urgency” could prompt the EU to restart trade talks with India after 9 years. In a surprising turn of events, India and the European Union recently revived talks on a free trade agreement after negotiations stalled nearly a decade ago.  Once again, economic interests are overriding human rights, and the EU is turning a blind eye to Modi’s genocide of religious minorities, but above all of the people of  the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir!

It seems that the current geopolitical concerns have forced both sides to reconcile their differences and conclude a trade agreement.

The new impetus is mainly provided by ‘the authoritarian advance’, i.e. China’s advance, on both the EU and India’s borders. The EU, once again deferring to the US, sees China as the main villain

India because of increasingly frequent military clashes with China along their common border, which escalated in 2020 when soldiers from both sides clashed and killed more than a dozen people.

“The seriousness of new geo-economic threats, most recently the strategic arming of energy and food supplies, shows that we need more reliable value chains,” Narlikar, who is also an honorary fellow at Darwin College, University of Cambridge, told CNBC.

Forràs: CNBC/Endre Barcs