The aftermath of Algeria`s decision of closing down the Maghreb-EU pipeline

Rupture of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline: Morocco will build a station to  transform liquefied gas into natural gas

Algeria`s unilateral decision of of closing down the Maghreb-EU pipeline is such a great mistake which will have the consequences for Algeria. This step undermines the ambition fo building the Maghreb Union and the same time hurts the interest of the region as a whole. The gas supply agreement is signed by Spain, Portugal and the European Union. With the closing of the Maghreb-EU pipeline which carried 6 billion cubic meters of gas, the Algerian government punished whole Europe in a critial  period when the gas prices are particulary high. The chairman of the European ;Parliament Delegation for the relation with the Maghreb countries, Andrea Cozzolino said: The supply agrement broken by Algeria not only concerns not only Marocco but also the European Union. The use of gas supply as a mean of pressure is not an appropriate solution.

Source/ NapiEU