KC-EU launches a move in Europe for release of Kashmiri human rights activists and journalists

Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 7 ember, álló emberek és szabadtéri

Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) has launched a broader campaign for early release of Kashiri human rights activists including Khurram Parvez and Mohammad Ahsan Unto, Journalists Sajjad Gul and Fahad Shah and as well as the political activists detained in the Indian prison.

For a first step of the move, members of KC-EU holding pictures of the Khurram Parvez, Mohammad Ahsan Unto, Sajjad Gul and Fahad Shah stood for a while in front of main gate the European parliament on Wednesday.

The unique display of Kashmir Council EU in front of EU parliament caused special attraction of the European people towards human rights situation in occupied Kashmir, specially some of them asked questions about the detained Kashmiri human rights activists and journalists.

Talking on the occasion, Chairman Kashmir Council Europe Ali Raza Syed said, this move will also be arranged    in other European countries.

Ali Raza Syed said, Khurram Parvez and Mohammad Ahsan Unto, Journalists Sajjad Gul and Fahad Shah are detained because they always helped the people of Kashmir in raising their voices against the Indian brutalism in occupied Kashmir particularly they highlighted the terrible incidents of Indian state terrorism in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, India can not achieve its evil objectives including concealing war crimes and inhuman acts in occupied land of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ali Raza Syed insisted that KC-EU will bring this move to other European cities in order to aware the world regarding latest situation of human rights in occupied Kashmir. It will also help in building pressure on India for release of Kashmiri human rights activists, journalists and political activists detained by the Indian authorities.

He urged the international community to use its  good office  for early release of the Kashmiri prisoners.

Ali Raza Syed also expressed his concerns  on the health  issues of some of the Kashmir prisoners including Ahsan Unto and called the world community to pay  serious attention towards threats to  the life of the Kashmiri activists detailed in the Indian prison.

It is important to mention that beside the human rights activists and journalists, many of the Kashmiri political workers and leaders are in the Indian prisons and these people are including Yasin Malik and Shabbir Ahmad Shah imprisoning for a long time. Ashraf Sehrai another Kashmiri political leader died in the jail due to lack of basic medical facilities.