European Commission steps for Europe’s competitiveness

How can Europe prevent the decline of its industries? - Debating Europe

Next week, the European Commission will publish three major initiatives for the EU’s economic competitiveness. With the NetZero Industry Act, the Raw Materials Act and a long-term strategy on competitiveness, the European Commission answers calls from the EPP Group to make the EU’s competitiveness a political priority.

It has long been our priority that Europe needs to assure that it doesn’t fall behind economically. Our industry has been under pressure from several sides, be it through high energy prices, insecure access to raw materials, increased regulation or attractive subsidies in other parts of the world. If we want to maintain prosperity, Europe has to become a more attractive place for business and industry in order to secure jobs and growth.

The EPP Group welcomes the proposals the Commission has announced and will thoroughly analyse the details.

Source: EPP