2022 European Women’s Leadership Award to eight women from around the globe

Forráskép megtekintése
Three years ago, we had the idea to create an award for extraordinary women: the 2022 European Women’s Leadership Award.

We are focusing on women who at a certain moment of their life, have decided to follow their dream, to break with traditional obligations around them, to challenge male- dominated areas, to act in a respectful way in order to give an example to all those women, who do not (yet) dare to raise their voice and to develop their potential.

This year, the following eight women have been chosen:

Chantal Hemerijckx (Belgium), Rita Ricketts (New Zealand, UK),
Thao Kilbee (Vietnam, Belgium), Jamila Sedqi (Morocco),
Marie-Dolores Mabuila (DRC, Belgium), Svetlana Spaic (Yugoslavia, Serbia, Paris),
Monique Ouassa (Benin), Melody Sucharewicz (Germany, Israel).

The awards will be handed over and the laureates will be honoured during an award winning ceremony. The first ceremony took place in March 2019 in the European Parliament in Brussels. Since then – due to the COVID-19 restrictions – the ceremonies are hosted by the Brussels EU Representation of the German “Land” of Hesse.

You will find here the link to last year’s ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLJ8j3HaDwU. This year, the fourth ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 02 March and the awards will be handed over by the EP VicePresident MEP Nicola Beer.

As it looks now – taking into consideration the restrictions to combat COVID-19 – the bi-lingual (English/French) event will be a hybrid one, starting at 18.00. We will inform you in time on the details.

Source: Forum International du Leadership Féminin (www.filf-iwlf.com